Customising SharePoint 2013 Search Result Page

How search works in a few words
In case you’re not so familiar with how search works, here’s a high level representation that might be useful for this series.


  1. Content is stored in lists and libraries. Site columns are used to store values, or in other words information, about each item in a list or library.
  2. When lists and libraries are crawled, site columns and the site column values are added to the search index.
  3. In the search index, site columns are “transformed” into managed properties. Site column values are “transformed” into managed property values
  4. On a search page, a user enters a query in a Search Box Web Part. The query is sent to the search index.
  5. Search results are sent from the search index to a search results page, and displayed in a Search Results Web Part.  The Search Results Web Part uses display templates that specify which managed property values should be displayed.






Customising SharePoint 2013 Search Scope

To create a scope search, use Manage Result Sources feature. After configure managed result source, the next step is to configure search result page (See appendix 3.2 for more detail instructions not related to SAO).

    1. Go the search centre search site collection that was created
    2. Go to site settings from top right side drop down menu





3. Click on Result Sources link under Site Collection Administrator




4. Click “New Result Source” button

  1. Enter the following details below and click the save button when finish:


















The query builder looks like this:








After saving the result source, it should look like this: