Administer Rights Management – Lesson 2.3



Mock Exam Question

To protect files and e=mails, you have activated Azure Rights Management (RMS), which is natively supported by O365. You will also be using other services that will require Azure RMS. Which of the following also support RMS and requires no additional configuration?

A. Office 2010

B. Exchange Online

C. SharePoint Online

D. Office 2013


Explanation: Office 2013 natively supports Azure RMS, wich mean it requires no additional config to enable it. All that is required is for users to login into O365 as RMS starts protecting files and email. To enable RMS for Office 2010, RM sharing application for Windows must be configured.

SharePoint & Exchange Online does not support RMS by default, as using RMS with SharePoint & Exchange online will initially require configuring the information rights management (IRM) service.


Correct answers: D – Office 2013

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