Inpex has old legacy applications in QuickBase  that needs to be migrated across  to their Office 365 intranet, because QuickBase will eventually be decommission by next year mid 2019 as the cut off date. To deliver the business requirements by the cut-off date, the following goals below needs to be achieved:

  •  Take stock take of all the current QuickBase applications;
  •  Analyst the complexity of each QuickBase application;
  •  Base on the complexity of each QuickBase app, determine which QuickBase apps will be flag for migration into O365 by starting with the apps that has low complexity and gradually migrate each app with high complexity last.



The solution to achieve the objective goals, is for QuickBase table to be migrated into a SharePoint online list to store the user submitted data. PowerApps will leverage the online form to allow users to submit data and Flows use to trigger email notifications send out to users after a new list item has been created.

The first  QuickBase app with low complexity that was decided to be migrated for proof of concept is the Incident Call Centre that looks like below.

The following tasks were carried out:

  •  Create a new user experience PowerApp site collection with company branding;
  • The QuickBase data for incident call centre was exported as a Excel CSV file and then imported into a SharePoint custom incident call  tracker list;
  • Create a new event look up list;
  • Create a dashboard page. Insert list webpart with different view;
  • Create the PowerApp forms to develop & publish the browser, detail and edit form; and
  • Developed email approval workflow using MS Flow to send email notifications to end-users after a new item has been submitted.

The finished working prototype version of the Incident Call Centre PowerApps is shown in the screenshot below.