Configure Password Management – Lesson 3.1



Mock Exam Samples

It is important for users in Office 365 to have strong passwords, as well as change their passwords every couple of months. This increases credentials security and minimizes the risk of someone obtaining your password and using it to access your account. Some users forget to change their passwords, so it is good to have a password policy in place that includes a password expiry date. In Office 365, where should you go to set a password policy? Choose the best option(s) from those listed below.

A: Dashboard

B: Service settings

C: Users & groups

D: Domains


Explanation: A password policy allows the administrator to configure password settings such as an expiry date and time, as well as configuring the notification to warn users of expiring passwords. This is done from the Office 365 admin center by accessing the Service settings area.

Correct Option(s): B: Service settings


Incorrect Option(s):

  • A: Dashboard – The Dashboard area is the landing page when administrators log into Office 365. It allows them to see quick overviews for service health and usage, as well as links to resources related to Office 365. You cannot set a password policy from the Dashboard area.
  • C: Users & groups – The Users and groups area is where you will do most tasks related to users and groups. You can add, edit, delete users or groups, as well as reset passwords, assign licenses, set up security groups, and manage delegated administrators. You cannot set a password policy from the Users & groups area.
  • D: Domains – The Domains area is used to manage Office 365 domains. You can add or remove domains, troubleshoot domain issues, and view DNS settings. You cannot set a password policy from the Domains area.

There are instances in which users will forget their passwords. When this happens, an Office 365 admin can reset passwords for the users. When user passwords are reset, a temporary password is assigned which they must change the next time they sign in. Which admin role in an Office 365 Enterprise environment can change passwords for users or other admins? Choose the best option(s) from those listed below.

A: Billing admin

B: Service admin

C: Global admin

D: User management admin


Explanation: A global admin can reset user passwords and passwords for other admins with Office 365 Enterprise and Office 365 Midsize Business. Password admins are also able to reset user passwords and passwords for other password admins.

Correct Option(s): C: Global admin


Incorrect Option(s):

  • A: Billing admin – A billing admin can make purchases, manage subscriptions, manage support tickets, and monitor service health. Billing admins cannot change passwords for users and other admins.
  • B: Service admin – A service admin can manage service requests and monitor service health. Service admins cannot change/reset passwords for users and other admins.
  • D: User management admin – A user management admin can reset user passwords. However, they cannot reset passwords for billing, global, and service admins.



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