AutoSPInstallerGUI was originally a windows UI to create config files to automate deployment of SharePoint 2010 & 2013. AutoSPInstallerGUI was originally developed by Ivan and he published it to CodePlex in April 2015.

Since then NOTE that, AutoSPInstallerGUI is now depreciated. It has been replaced with the online version at or homepage


Getting started

  1. Read the AutoSPInstaller Guide
  2. Download and extract the zip file for the AutoSPInstaller PowerScript version here
  3. After step 1 and 2 has been done, at this point you want to begin configuring AutoSPInstaller via online by going to Load Default Template section of the farm config webpage and click “Begin with Template” button (**if you don’t have an existing config file). Follow the instruction to save and download the configuration as an XML file
  4. Follow the installation step section from the AutoSPInstaller Guide. In summary:
    • Drop the XML into the extracted \SP\AutoSPInstaller folder that was done in stp 2
    • Run AutoSPInstaller.bat on each farm

**If you already have a config file, then upload the XML file by clicking the Browse button from Load from my XML section


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